Erick A. Ford Recognized Among 2024 Leading Energy & Utilities Influencers by ROI-NJ

PRINCETON, NJ, April, 4, 2024 – Stevens & Lee Public Affairs announced today that Vice President Erick A Ford has been recognized this year as among New Jersey’s Energy & Utilities Influencers by ROI-NJ.  

Through this recognition, the publication honors the most impactful leaders in New Jersey’s evolving energy and utilities landscape. Mr. Ford is spotlighted for his depth of experience across nearly two-decades of public- and private-sector leadership in a range of energy issues.  

Erick A Ford is an authority in New Jersey’s energy and utility sector. He advises businesses in the utility, energy, hydrogen energy, software development and renewable energy spaces, and has a keen understanding of the strategies and approaches to shaping and affecting policy through collaboration with trade groups, community groups, business and municipal stakeholders. Mr. Ford also has a deep understanding of the interplay between cybersecurity and the energy industry, with experience managing the Best Practices in Cybersecurity Program for Protect Our Power, an independent organization of former electric utility industry, military, government and regulatory experts focused on strengthening the resiliency of our electric power grid.

Mr. Ford currently serves as President of the New Jersey Energy Coalition, where he assists water, electric, gas utilities and renewable energy companies with navigating and crafting regulatory policy. In addition, he is the current Chairman of the New Jersey Society for Economic, Environmental Development’s Energy Committee, where he oversees energy-related initiatives and policy activism for the organization.

As a former confidential aide to a commissioner and the President of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Mr. Ford advised on energy sector policy issues and liaised with New Jersey organizations, including the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), Department of Energy, Department of Environmental Protection, and the Economic Development Authority, to address issues regarding cybersecurity, workforce development, electric vehicles, and rulemaking. Prior to his roles in the energy and utility space, Mr. Ford was the Agency Manager of the NJ MVC.

At Stevens & Lee Public Affairs, Mr. Ford works alongside energy industry leaders Gladys Brown Dutrieuille, former PAPUC Chairman and immediate past-president of MACRUC, Bob Gordon, former NJ Senator and BPU Commissioner, and Dennis Culnan.